History of Apple

History of Apple Automotive

The Car Dealerships- How it all started!

In 1976 Bob Stewart purchased the Capital Volkswagen franchise in Steelton, PA and shortly thereafter moved it to Harrisburg. The dealership launched in the middle of the gas crisis, and with Volkswagen's reputation for fuel efficient cars, they had their first 70 cars all pre-sold before taking delivery.

Mr. Stewart began searching for a name that would be easy to find and would come up early in a phone directory search... hence the name Apple was chosen and Apple Automotive began.


ln the mid 1980's the Capital VW franchise was sold, and Apple Automotive focused their dealership growth in the York market. Their first franchise purchase was the Ammon R. Smith Chevrolet dealership in 1983, and a new facility was built on Rt. 30 in what is now the Apple Autopark. This franchise was the first of many more to come.

In 1987, Honda launched the upscale automotive brand called Acura, and Apple was first in line to win the franchise for Acura in the York market. A new facility was built for it, right next to the Apple Chevrolet dealership.


In 1991, Apple purchased Diehl Subaru and moved that franchise into a new facility attached to the newly built Acura location along Rt. 30.

ln 1994, Griffith Chevrolet located in downtown Red Lion was purchased, and the name was changed to Red Lion Chevrolet.

5 years later in 1999, Apple purchased Mac Jones Ford in Red Lion and moved Red Lion Chevrolet next to the Ford dealership on Rt. 24 just north of Red Lion. Mac Jones Ford became Apple Ford.


The 2000's was a decade of huge growth for Apple Automotive, starting with the purchase of Heritage Honda of south York in 2001. The settlement date for this transaction was 9/11/01. Plans were started shortly thereafter to build another new facility along Rt. 30 to house this exciting new dealership. The doors opened for the new Apple Honda in 2003. And with Apple Chevrolet, Apple Acura, Apple Subaru, and now Apple Honda all residing side-by-side, the massive facility was officially named Apple Autopark.

In 2003 also came the purchase of Shaull BMW/Cadillac again from south York. Buildings immediately went under construction for these franchises in the Autopark, with their doors opening one month apart in 2005.

In 2007, York Nissan in east York was purchased, and the name changed to Apple Nissan.

During the late 1990's and early 2000's, a trend in the marketplace was forming, where newly-serviced cars were washed before delivery to the customer. Seeing this trend was here to stay, Apple Automotive decided to stay on the cutting edge and build a car wash/detailing facility within the Autopark in 2008. Initially its success was limited, but after tweaking the business plan to have all new and used cars detailed there (including auction cars), along with the launch of a "car wash club", the facility has seen tremendous growth... seeing 700-800 car washes daily. This facility also provided Apple the opportunity to convert existing detailing shops at all their locations into more service bays.

In 2009 another addition to the Autopark was made. The Apple Collision Center. Originally the auto body shop for Apple Chevrolet, the facility was re-fitted and expanded to handle all types of body work for any make/model vehicle whether or not it was purchased through Apple dealerships.

In 2010, Apple purchased the location on Roosevelt Ave. that would become the Apple Budget Outlet.

A second Apple Collision Center was opened in Hanover in 2012, when Apple purchased the old Faulkner Collision Center.

In 2013, Apple Purchased Beasley Ford/Lincoln, adding a new brand to their offerings, and expanding their Ford presence in the York market.

2014 saw the purchase of the Pritz Auto Body business, a fourth generation family-owned business established in 1929. This purchase adds three new facilities to support collision repair needs in the greater York market.

In September of 2014, Apple purchased what is now Apple Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram of Hanover. Our reputation for bringing excellence in customer service has allowed us to continue our expansion.